Breve New Stories publishes one short story and one flash fiction in every issue, from a new or emerging author based in the UK.

We look for literary short fiction, for stories that have the power of to create an entire world in the space of a few pages and that reflcets real life and crucial, life-changing moments.
Breve welcomes and encourages diversity and is interested in beautifully written, carefully constructed, memorable prose, regardless of  genre.

Submissions must be in English, original and unpublished.
Short Stories must be between 1,500 and 6,000 words, Flash Fiction up to 600 words.

Email your stories at  as .doc, .pdf, .odt files including contact details and a brief bio/cv/publication history.

Authors can submit a maximum of two pieces at a time (can be two short stories, two flash fictions or one of each) and only twice in the submission opening time.

There is no submission fee but note that at this stage we are not able to pay our contributors. Each selected author will receive three complimentary copies of Breve.

Authors can get a copy of Breve New Stories at our online NEWS STAND to learn more about what we publish and support the magazine.

Response times varies from four to twelve weeks. Due to the large amount of submissions and the fact we are a small team we regret we are not able to comment individual stories.
We appreciate the interest we receive from non-UK authors but due to limited resources we are only open to submissions from UK based writers. This might change in the future, meanwhile everybody is welcome to enjoy Breve New Stories issues and take part in the online discussions on Breve‘s blog and social media.


25 thoughts on “Submissions

    1. I’ve only just discovered you – through the Scottish Book Trust. I see that the deadline for yourZero edition was on Friday. Am I too late to offer you a submission?

    1. Hi Articetta, we accept submissions from writers of all ages. If we decide to publish the work of an underage author we require the signature of a parent or legal guardian.

    1. Hi Marcus, thanks for your comment. Submissions will be opening for a longer period of time after we launch Issue Zero in September. Watch this space for upcoming dates and details!

  1. Hi there, I was just wanting to check that it’s okay to submit a few pieces of flash fiction, as long as the collection is under 7000 words and each piece is less than 300 words? Or have I interpretated the guidelines wrong?


    1. Hi! Yes, you got it right, it ‘s perfectly fine to submit more flash fiction pieces at once as long as the total word count is 7000 and individual pieces are max 300 words each. Good luck!

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