Hamish McGee

Hamish McGEE was born in India from where he inherited his country’s love of epic poetry and story telling. He has lived in Great Britain, mostly Scotland, for most of his life.

His background is in the health care services. He qualified as a doctor from a Scottish Medical School and trained and practised as a surgeon with the National Health Service, gaining a position as a consultant general surgeon specialising in laparoscopic (ie “keyhole”), emergency and cancer surgery. During the time he practised as a surgeon he was engaged in a number of prize-winning research projects from which he published a thesis (gaining the top qualification in Medicine, ie MD) and over thirty scientific publications in peer-reviewed and other journals, including book chapters and cover feature, review articles.

His interests in writing include epic poetry and short stories although he is currently engaged in the writing of a novella and a novel, the latter based on the events surrounding the man, he considers has most influenced human history and whose legacy resounds throughout the world, even today. His Indian heritage has imbued in him a deep love of the epic poem, the ability to engage with a reader (or listener) by telling an enthralling story through the medium of metered, rhyming poetry. He has written three epic poems; a Celtic ballad (over 300 pages long), a fantasy adventure (over 400 quatrain stanzas long) and a supernatural thriller.

He has built and maintains his own website – hamishmcgee.com.


Hamish McGee’s short story Doubting Thomas is published in Issue Two.


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