Breve: from the Italian brief, short – racconto breve, short story.  BREVE-LOGO

Breve New Stories is about brevity, it’s about literature, it’s about a brave way of telling stories and of reading.

Breve believes short stories are vibrant and alive. However, as a literary form they are often overlooked by mainstream publishers and we’ve noticed that short story collections rarely win top literary prizes or climb bestseller charts. Breve aims to challenge these tendencies by investing in short stories and their authors, publishing a fresh, new literary magazine and creating opportunities for writers to share their experiences with a wider audience.

Breve New Stories believes in the short story as a single, complete artwork. By publishing a short story and a flash fiction piece in each issue, Breve New Stories gives each author the opportunity to be read and known by a growing public. Published authors will gain visibility both through the magazine and by writing on the blog about their passion for literature, their advice to aspiring writers and their future projects.

Breve New Stories is currently published online. Visit our NEWSSTAND to get a print back issue or to subscribe.

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