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Writer’s Blog: Hamish McGee – Writing from History

In his last post, Hamish McGee, author of ‘Doubting Thomas‘ published in Breve New Stories Issue Two, reflects on his passion for history.

What interests me? Well, that too is easy – just about everything I study interests me. I find if I care to delve into any subject it becomes interesting, and what interests me makes for a good story. So almost everything interests me … except maybe reality television.

People and history interest me. We can learn a great deal of value by studying people who have gone before us. Some we learn to follow; others we might choose to abandon.

The events and historical backdrop to the emergence of Christianity is a period that fascinates me because the events that played out two thousand years ago reverberate to this very day and ate likely to do so for millennia yet. I have a particular perspective on those events and the characters that shaped human history so profoundly and irrevocably informed by biblical research.

This is my project, my historical novel. It excites and fills me with fear in equal measure. It will be the best or worst writing will have done. Will others understand what is so clear to me? Will I be true to the characters I seem to have come to know so well?

We’ll simply have to wait and see …

2 replies on “Writer’s Blog: Hamish McGee – Writing from History”

Dear Polly, thank you so much for your kind words.

I remember in a high school class I had to translate a story from German to English; the story was about a would-be writer and he commented to another character, “Praise is more important than food and drink to a writer”. I think I know what that character meant.

Living and growing in the Scottish countryside was wonderful in so many ways. I hope I captured that. I often dream of going back to a more simple life. Mostly, I hope I conveyed the compassion and gentleness of Mr Hendry – he really was as close to a saint as anyone I have met.

Many thanks once again for your kindness.


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