Breve New Stories

1 Short Story + 1 Flash Fiction

Dear all,

In 2015, I launched the project for a new literary magazine that focused on one of my favourites genres: short fiction.

Breve New Stories presented a short story and a flash fiction piece in each issue, showcasing new voices from the UK.BREVE-LOGO

Initially printed in the form of an agile, slim pamphlet by Footprint Workers in Leeds, it had an eco-friendly mind, and it was a homage to the long history of experimental literary magazines and zines.

As a self founded, mostly solitary endeavour, it has been difficult to keep up with the times, costs and efforts required by such a project. What fuelled it was the love for stories and the constant support from friends and authors that, against the odds, kept believing in this project and in me.

Since then, two issues and four authors have been published. Today, things have to change. It is with some sadness that I abandon the original print format in favour of a more cost effective and easy to distribute online magazine.  Despite it being displayed online, it will hopefully still convey the feeling of a printed magazine, and readers will be able to read it online, download an e-read version and why not? Print each issue on their house printer.

Breve New Stories will still feature a short story and a flash fiction in each issue but it will now be open to all authors writing in English, from all over the world. This is because, especially in our times, there is a renewed need for inclusion, for sharing stories beyond borders, for opening up to different narratives. Writing in English, many authors with diverse voices can bring their contribution. Submissions will be open again shortly after the launch of the next issue so…stay tuned.

Breve New Stories is still going to be a non profit publishing project. The new issue, coming later in July, will be available to read for free on and a downloadable version will be available for £ 0.99.

There are still some awesome print back issues available to purchase here and all the profits will go straight into founding Breve’s new online life.

If you would like to subcribe to the magazine with a small donation you will receive an email with every issue directly in your inbox. Most of all, a donation is a way of supporting the project on the long term, going towards maintaining the website domain and the publishing platform and, in a future not too far, paying each author and printing the magazine again.

Now it’s time for me to go back to work on the next issue which I’m looking forward to share with you all!

All the best,




One thought on “A message from the editor: Breve New Stories Is Changing

  1. How do I subscribe to the email magazine and donate, Gianna?

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