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Breve New Stories a magazine for lovers of short fiction.

Breve New Stories believes in short fiction as powerful, vibrant artworks. Since 2015 it has published 4 issues, 4 short stories and 4 flash fictions by new and emerging international authors, on paper and online.

Breve New Stories is published by BREVE Projects.

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Breve New Stories was started in 2015 to support the belief that short stories are vibrant and alive. As a literary form they are often overlooked by mainstream publishers: short story collections rarely win top literary prizes or climb bestseller charts. By publishing a fresh, new literary magazine Breve aimed to challenge these tendencies by investing in stories and their authors and creating opportunities for writers to share their experiences with a wider audience.

Breve New Stories Publishes one short story and one flash fiction in every issue.

Issue Zero and Issue One

The first two issues were published in print as a limited edition of 100 copies. These slim A5 pamphlets, printed with risograph on recycled paper by Footprint Workers Cooperative in Leeds, have now become true collector items. Breve New Stories’ logo and cover artworks are designed by Man Lo, an illustrator, graphic and textile designer based in London. She creates bespoke repeating patterns, fabric & textile designs, logos , illustrations for children and packaging. Her work can be found at: http://www.u-candesign.com.

The evolution 2015-2018

Since 2016 the publication moved fully online, becoming free and accessible to readers everywhere. All issues are now available as PDFs.

Issue Three

Breve New Stories mission is to give each author the opportunity to be read and known by a growing public. Published authors gain visibility both through the magazine and by writing about their passion for literature, their advice to aspiring writers and their future projects. All authors bios and pieces are available on the authors and writer’s blog pages.

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